Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Company Name QON Rewards PTE.PLD.
Representative CEO Hikaru Shishido
Address Headquarter
Email contact@qonectcoin.com
URL qonectcoin.com
Selling price The price of the token is based on the rate stated in QON / BIT, QON / ETH, HP. For details, please check in the trading site.
Expenses associated with trading The fee at the virtual currency exchange office and remittance charge will be borne by the customer. Due to the nature of the virtual currency, the amount varies.Given the nature of virtual currency, the price may be subject to change.
Payment date for trade amounts and fees Token vouchers for completed trades go into effect on the date the trade is finalized. Tokens are granted the following day.
Withdrawal / termination of trade contract applications Trades or transfers that have finalized cannot be changed or canceled.
Warranty against defects We waive all liability for warranty against defects in the service and token.
Other notes Please refer to our site policies, privacy policy, and respective terms of use and conditions.
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Windows 7 : Internet Explorer11、Firefox41、Chrome45
Windows 8.1 : Internet Explorer11、Firefox41、Chrome45
Windows 10 : Internet Explorer11、Edge、Firefox41、Chrome45
Mac OS X : Safari
iOS 6.0 or later, the default browser(Safari)
When using an Android
OS 2.3 or later, the default browser(Chrome)